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Please accept the request supporting Quantitative Psychometric Polymorphism Synergy Research (QPPSR). One goal is to support research for children with ASD and development of a variety of measurement tools in support of existing interventions at the Federal level of no student left behind. QPPSR supports the needs for a measurement standard i.e.: instructional technology for global delivery. The application will be submitted as early as possible to the Institute of Educational Sciences allowing the staff to estimate the potential workload and to plan a review. This will become my fifth submission to
Support Critical pedagogy as a correction with sustained existing classroom interaction for special needs and at risk students. It is mandatory to prevent isolation allowing classification to interfere with normal socialization leading to isolation of the mental development of today's youth. While standardization, for student testing is required it currently reinforces the differences contributing to the student's isolation. The level of research supporting the documentation required to support rapid prototyping of education modification requires a sterile study group placing the motivation for compliance to completion, allowing the collection of testing data required to proceed on solid evidence. My request to fund Quantitative Psychometric Polymorphism Synergy Research (QPPSR) responds to all topics. 
. Due to need of testing at scale supporting my request for funding I desire to include a request for phase II funding supporting testing at the national scale required to complete the collection and support of authentic assessment and desire to expand at scale the programming toward the student's returns of mainstream socialization of their peer group.
  To support documentation useful in the research of ASD we have the opportunity to create a praxis intervention with systematic methodology. Symbolic and interpretive anthropology can be measured with common interaction of educational experiences. I desire to place advanced measurement and support tools in place to support early prior knowledge for students unable to communicate before they isolate themselves elimination development of empirical interaction and contribution. The phenomenology information deserves logical investigations and peer review.

  Upon funding for phase I notification will be made to Michigan news papers and a mailing to school districts asking for 20 schools with willing teaching staff.   I will furnish a teacher at each school a measurement tool & instruction. If phase II is funded each school will receive 20 units of the phase 1 prototype. All 200 units will be exact with the exception that I will ask each school to submit their school colors and I will powder coat the units to match